Why is photovoltaic power standard for high-end villa decoration?
With the improvement of living conditions, people's demands for living standards are becoming higher and higher. Central air conditioning and heating are gradually entering into the life of the people. Especially, the function of the house owners is more perfect because of the larger house. The operation of all functions needs to consume large quantity of electricity, and of course, it also needs to pay high. The electricity bill.

Conforming to the trend of social development

The first generation of solar power generation is developed in Europe and the United States and Japan. Among them, the European Union is the largest photovoltaic power generation area in the world, accounting for 80% of the global photovoltaic power generation. In Germany and Spain, the total photovoltaic power accounts for about 84% of the total. It is estimated that in 2020, solar PV will account for 12% of the total electricity generated by the European Union. Photovoltaic power generation has become popular and has become a very common item. It is a necessary electrical equipment for families.

1 heat insulation, heat preservation

The components on the roof can reduce the indoor temperature, especially in the summer, through the photovoltaic panels to turn the light energy into electrical energy, the photovoltaic panel is equivalent to the insulation layer, the measurement can reduce the indoor temperature of 3-5 degrees, and in winter can also be effectively warm.

2 save electricity

Maybe a lot of people will ignore the electricity bills of dozens or hundreds of each month. The cumulative annual electricity expenditure will go to thousands or even thousands of yuan, especially the villa or the owner of the building. Because the house is too large, the use of electrical appliances, and in the winter and summer, electricity charges are soaring. In order to encourage residents to save energy, there is also a saying that the electricity tariff is even more frightening if excess electricity is used.

If the installation of photovoltaic power generation in the villa, the use of spontaneous self - use of the grid mode of Internet access, can save most of the electricity consumption, but also to avoid ladder price. A lot of money can be left off by photovoltaic power generation every year.

3 no pollution, no noise

The power of light volt is through the inexhaustible energy of the solar energy, do not produce any pollution and noise, the real energy saving, environmental protection, the environmental protection will be put into practice.

Every kilowatt hour of photovoltaic power will save 1 degrees of electricity = 0.997 kg of carbon dioxide = reduction of 0.272 kg of carbon, calculated by installing a 5KW photovoltaic device, and can save 5982 kg of carbon dioxide a year.

4 can be directly incorporated into the power grid

The State supports the "spontaneous use of surplus power Internet". Power Grid Corp strongly supports distributed photovoltaic, optimized allocation and utilization of resources, and saves a lot of time and cost.

5 trend, personality, beauty

The perfect combination of solar photovoltaic panels and roofs makes the roof of the original steel and concrete roofs reinvigorated. At the same time, the original homogeneity of the roof shows the personality and trend.