The photovoltaic industry is still in, since then there is no 630!
In June 30th, for ordinary people, it meant only half of the year was coming, and the new half year was about to start. But for many people in the photovoltaic industry, "630" is a day for many photovoltaic people to be full of memories. In 2016 and 2017, many people struggled in the first line of work for the smooth grid and the higher subsidies for electricity prices.

Do you remember the years when the brothers made progress together day and night?

Do you remember the slogans that hung on your lips during the rush hour?

Remember when the project was successfully connected to the Internet before 630, did we laugh heartily?

A month ago, the "531" made this year's "630" again be given a special meaning. In May 31st, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the State Energy Bureau and other three ministries issued the "2018 photovoltaic power related matters notice" the main content: not to arrange the scale of the construction of the ordinary photovoltaic power station in 2018. The price of PV subsidies is reduced by 0.5 yuan / degree, and the capacity of distributed photovoltaic projects is limited to about 10GW.

The sudden policy is like a bolt from the blue, which makes the photovoltaic man reborn outside the coke and let the 2 million 500 thousand PV people plunge into anxiety. Since the installed capacity of distributed PV is more than 10GW in 1--5 month, there will be no more distributed projects until June in the second half of 18. In view of the severe industry situation in the second half of the year, many PV companies closely related to distributed projects have to stop work, stop production or lay off workers.

Tens of thousands of households in the country are at a loss to use photovoltaic distributors for a time: a large number of stocks are squeezed in the hands of a large amount of risk, many households are waiting to be connected with the project. The uncertainty of the subsidy has made the contract signed before 531 to face the legal risk of breach of contract, many people made a little money in the last few years, and in the end it may fall out of the blood. End.

As soon as the policy was issued, several provincial and municipal solar industry associations and related organizations have issued appeals and suggestions to the National Energy Bureau. 11 photovoltaic industry men also joined the Xinhua news agency to express their demands. Official reply such as "the state is always encouraging and supporting the development of photovoltaic industry".

For a time, all kinds of news were flying everywhere. Generally speaking, the distribution of natural people below 50kW can be identified as the household PV, and the way of grid connection can be selected from the full Internet access, spontaneous use of self used surplus and electricity, and the network time is wide to June 30th, giving a buffer to the projects that have not been connected to the net before May 31st. There is another saying: that is, from June to the end of this year, household PV can enjoy the 2GW supplementary index alone.

One of the most frequent things that anxious photovoltaic people do most often in the June is to constantly refresh the agency's official website and his own circle of friends to see if there are any latest related documents. However, as of the last working day of this month (June 29th), the red headed document that we looked forward to has not yet been issued.

(June 30th National Energy Bureau website screenshot)

Saturday, June 30th, is a rest day. As the policy remains uncertain, most of the PV users are not in the mood to rest. In this June: to continue to catch 630 of the time to catch up, in the circle of friends a message of abuse, change to do other industries, all kinds of clearance sale of stock also have. However, more photovoltaic people are still insisting, because people believe that the household use of photovoltaic is the livelihood of millions of people, and the state will never ignore the interests of the people.

In June 11th, the competent department answered a reporter and made a clear statement that "the natural people who have started to use the network before the May 31st (including)) use distributed photovoltaic. The state energy administration is working with the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance to make it clear as soon as possible.

In June 20th, the State Energy Bureau issued an emergency notice to "rectify" in many places, such as the prohibition of distributed projects to the net, the record and so on. In the second half of the year, the household use of the PV still has a "turn".

It will come after all.

June 30th 2018
It's the last 630 of the photovoltaic industry.
This 630 will definitely not be the end of the photovoltaic industry
What we are going to meet is
The "Nirvana rebirth" of the photovoltaic industry

The photovoltaic people who are still sticking to it at the moment
Ten years, twenty years later
Whether it's still in the photovoltaic industry or not
Recall the "630" of 2018.
It must be remembered!
At that time, more than half will feel a sentence:
"The photovoltaic industry is still in, since then there is no 630!"