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1) 80W 18V poly solar panel with 5m wire
2) 4pcs 12V DC output
3) 2pcs 5V 1000mAh USB port for cell phone
4) Rechargeable lead acid battery 12V 28Ah
5) optional: 10 in 1 or 5 in 1 phone charging line USD$0.5/pc
6) 4pcs 12v 3w 210lumen LED bulb with 5m wire with switch
7) 1pc 300W inverter, change the DC into AC (100v-240v,50/60Hz)
8)Optional: 1pc universal socket: AC output, suit for 110v/220-240v electrical product, UISD$2.5
9) FM Radio
10) Switch: ON/OFF
11) Power indicator light
12) computer smart control circuit board
13) working time(in full charge): 4pcs led bulbs can be lighting approx. 15h,1pc led bulb can be lighting approx. 95h
14) chagring time: 13h approx. in the strong sunlight