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1) 120W 18V poly solar panel with 5m wire
2) Optional: 1pc 12v 3A charger, used for charging the battery when the sunlight is not available, USD$3.00/pc
3) 4pcs 12V DC output
4) AC input, when you want charging the battery from home main power
5) Rechargeable lead acid battery 12V 28Ah
6)optional: 10 in 1 or 5 in 1 phone charging line USD$0.5/pc
7) 4pcs 12v 3w 210lumen LED bulb with 5m wire with switch
8) 1pc 500W inverter, change the DC into AC (100v-240v,50/60Hz), it can run the electrical product under 200w
9) Fuse. Proteting the product
10) 1pc universal socket: AC output, suit for 110v/220-240v electrical product
11) FM Radio
12) Switch: ON/OFF
13) Power indicator light
14) computer smart control circuit board